About Us

Mijwan Introduction

The Vision

Just, equitable and sustainable communities across rural India

The Mission

To inspire, equip and empower rural citizens with the tools to catalyse change within their own communities.

"Zindagi jehad mein hai sabr ke qaabu mein nahi
Nabz-e-hastii kaa lahuu kaamptii aansuu mein nahiiin
Urne khulne mein hai nakhat kham-e-gesu mein nahiin
Jannat aik aur hai jo mard ke pahluu mein nahiin
Uski azaad ravish par bhi machalnaa hai tujhe"

Mijwan was the home of the famous Urdu poet late Kaifi Azmi. Azamgarh gave Kaifi his last name and he returned to the village that was frozen in time and single-mindedly removed it from its abyss.

He founded MIJWAN WELFARE SOCIETY (MWS), Kaifi Azmi girls inter-college, Kaifi Azmi computer centre , the Sewing and embroidery centre where students are taught stitching and embroidery. This village that barely received few hours of electricity, the villagers were being taught to use various computer programs and could enroll into various different computer courses.

The various institutions here reflect the literacy and cultural heritage . An outsider, is unaware of the current socio-economic standards of Mijwan . In a place that has already seen so much of development such as concerete roads, electricity and telephone connections, a school and a computer center for girls and inter-college, there still lies huge gaps of socio-and economic inequality.

Kaifi Azmi believed that in a country like India where 80% of the population lives in the villages, we will need to empower villages if India is to make any real progress. He famously once said, “When one is working for change, one should bring into that expectation the possibility that the change may not occur in one’s lifetime and yet one must carry on working towards it”.

The objectives of the Society are Employment, Self Reliance, Sustainable Development.

MWS aims to achieve these by -
Primary Health and Sanitation
Micro Credit

Through Empowerment, MWS brings social and economic equity to the villagers.
Through Education and Computer literacy it brings everyone, especially the girl child, into the mainstream of society.
By promoting village based small-scale industries and supporting it with marketing skills and strategies, MWS facilitates viable Self Employment.

The MWS runs –
Kaifi Azmi Computer Training Centre
Kaifi Azmi Kanya Uchatar Madhyamik Vidyalaya - A Higher Secondary School for girls
Kanya Purva Madhyamik Vidyalaya - A Primary School girls
Kaifi Azmi Sewing and Tailoring and Centre for Women

Mijwan Welfare Society also sponsored following organisations, in an effort to increase the family income of the villagers.
Kaifi Azmi Krishak Club ( a Farmer’s Club to introduce latest techniques in farming, Micro Financing & Resource Centre)
Kaifi Azmi Memorial Mahila Swayam Sahayata Samooh ( a Women’s Self Help Group to encourage participation of women in earning, small savings & micro financing)
Mijwan Mahila Swayam Sahayata Samooh ( a Women’s Self Help Group to encourage participation of women in earning, small savings & micro financing).