Digital Classes Training

KAGIC teachers have undergone a series of training sessions on use of ICT in Education.

The training was offered to them by Plan India through their program ‘Digital Learning & Teaching Program’, which aims to use the power of Internet to build capacity of teachers and instructors.

    The program began with a Need Assessment of the users (teachers and students) and based on their requirement and current understanding, it was delivered through a three day workshop covering following topics :
  • Using ICT / Internet in Education & Using Digital Learning & Teaching practices
  • Using curated online content throughE-Library (Videos, Simulations, Activities, Worksheets)
  • Introduction to different Learning Styles
  • Lesson Planning(including E-content with lesson plans )
  • Using LMS (Learning Management Systems)
  • Using E-Classroom (Google Classroom)
  • Group Activity: Assigning different subjects/learning styles/ topics to different groups and Demonstration / Presentation of E-classes by groups

This was followed by a follow-up workshop and a series of ‘E-Workshops’ conducted in virtual mode through ‘Google Hangout’. In this an effort was made to solve problems faced at the ground (classroom) level, both in terms of teaching as well as removing apprehensions in the minds of teachers and students.

The teachers and students were provided access to online educational content through E-Library as well as E-Classroom (Google Classroom), including test papers and quizzes to test the learnings of the students.

Though there have been initials hiccups interms of hardware and internet connectivity, these are now sorted out. The teachers have been quite positive all through and have started using E-Classes on regular basis.