Giving children a vibrant future

Distance Learning In Mijwan

MWS’ vision is to make every individual living in Mijwan and the surrounding villages internet savvy with an online presence.

This is being achieved in partnership with Plan India under the leadership of Anjali and Vijay Raina. LED screens are to be installed in every classroom. Once the digital training of the teachers and students has been completed, all education in the school will be through the digital medium. After training the school, staff and students, the next set of trainings will be conducted with women from Mijwan and surrounding villages.

Distance learning has become a reality in Mijwan. The girls of Mijwan's Kaifi Azmi School are getting English lessons from the US through Skype. Through MWS the urban-rural divide has been successfully bridged.

"With the world microcosmed on the web, it was vital that they learn English, but getting tutors was difficult. So we appealed for help through our website and the Ann Foundation(U.S.A) made contact. They were impressed with the work we were doing and offered to take English speaking and personality development classes using the technology. We got hold of computers, cameras and generators and the classes started," says Shabana Azmi.

Home of Hope is once again coming on board for an English Empowerment Programme specially designed for the underprivileged which will be starting soon.