HOH - Home of Hopes

HOH - Home of Hopes

Partnership with Home of Hope inc USA (HOH)

In 2002 a chance meeting with Nilima Sabharwal, the dynamic Founder of HOH INC, USA and Shabana Azmi struck a common chord because both women shared a common vision to empower the most disenfranchised sections of our society. Over the years the partnership has strengthened because HOH is not merely a funding agency, it's a collaborative partner.

It started with building a Production Centre and a Printing Room at the Sewing Embroidery Centre.

It has been Nilima Sabharwal's constant endeavour to provide capacity building to MWS because she believes it is a replicable and scalable model which demonstrates that timely intervention can help people rise to the full level of their potential. HOH has funded a laptop and a projector for Skype classes and English Empowerment Program EEP, computers for the school. In addition, they are funding salaries of the English and Sport teachers and the librarian.

Actor Ashwini Bhave, a well wisher of HOH has pledged to support the drama program for the next 3 years. Under the able leadership of Neeti Sandhu, the partnership is poised to be further strengthened with new programs being added annually. It was in early 2005 when HOH adopted the Sewing and tailoring program in Mijwan village...a little village in north India where female infanticide rates were frightening, .started by Kaifi Azmi..It was this great mans dream to empower the girl child of Mijwan. HOH is so blessed to have played a major role in this great Divine Play. In early 2000 this program consisted of a few broken sewing machines on a torn dhari.( carpet )

It was a challenge for HOH With the Grace of the HIGHER POWER and our incredible team at HOH , lead by Dr Nalini Bhat .. This simple Training center .... became a Production center ..and became self sufficient and self funding by yr 2010. Today Mijwan is most famous village in India adopted by Famous designer Manish Malhotra along with designers like Anita Dhogre,. Several famous Bollywood stars are the brand ambassadors of this tiny village Who will walk the ramp in Manish Malhotra's creations made from fabrics these girls have embroidered In year 2012 HOH started the EEP ( English Empowerment Program ) and E2E ( educate to empower ) programs using long distance learning strategy like skype to educate , mentor and teach conversation English .These 2 programs have been an excellent grooming ground for the village girls . This has helped the girls build confidence and become ambitious . This skype based learning was their window to the outside world where they got to interact with new kind of Mentors and teachers of the E2E and EEP under the leadership of Madhvi Pratt .They learned new things like preparation of interviews , writing essays ,giving presentations and speeches in a friendly non threatening loving environment under the guidance of the EEP teachers .

Year 2009 - Nilima Sabharwal Visit to Mijwan with Shabana Azmi

Opening ceremony of the new building in year 2015