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DM, CDO, CMO - Azamgarh and his team visited Mijwan

A report on the Professional Development Workshop held recently at the Kaifi Azmi Girls Inter College, Mijwan

It was a pleasure to work with the enthusiastic team of teachers at the school. The efforts of the entire team are very evident and its heart-warming to see some really good work being done. Challenges do not deter the righteous for sure and we have a long way to go…

Implementation would be the real measure of the effectiveness of the workshop. Special thanks to Surinder ji, Sitaram ji, the Principal, teachers and each one at Mijwan who took special care of me during the visit. Given the extreme cold, power cuts and other concerns, the special efforts were commendable. Thanks for everything
- Dr Amrita Vohra, Head-Professional Development and Quality Assurance, GEMS India.

Feedback from Mijwan on Safe N' Happy Periods Worksop

From August 15th to August 18th 2017, the team of Safe N’ Happy Periods visited Mijwan, a town known for the MIJWAN Welfare Society. Safe n’ Happy Periods, a personal social impact initiative was founded by Sarika Gupta, which is funded by family, friends and well-wishers. Looking at the current situation of myths, taboos and insufficient menstrual awareness, Sarika decided to take this initiative towards shame-free and pain-free menstruation time. The vision is to break the stigma around periods and to encourage girls and women to feel confident in their bodies.

These workshops have created a revolution of sorts in Mijwan because traditionally girls are told nothing about their bodies or menstrual hygiene.We cant even begin to understand how empowering it is for them to even spread their legs collectively.