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MWS gets a new formidable partner - PVR Cinemas

MWS gets a new formidable partner - PVR Cinemas

While preparations of IXth Fundraising show “The Walk of Mijwan” are in full swing, Theatre Giant PVR extended its arms to share the responsibilities to spread the message of Mijwan – that epitomises the legacy of the rebel poet Kaifi Azmi, and extended its shoulders too to share the burden of event being organised at such humongous proportion.

PVR has decided to be the storyteller of epical saga of MWS’s journey since 1993 till now through screening of a 60 second video before National Anthem at their every screen throughout the country to ensure greatest exposure to MWS.

MWS can’t be limited to a story of progress of a village, it is about liberation of women, their journey past patriarchal conforms of a typical north Indian rural society. MWS is a sunshine that ushers in a hope for better & promising tomorrow. MWS is the heartbeat of women who have consciously taken over the charge of their own destiny.

Mr Gautam Dutta, CEO - PVR Ltd commended the effort and support of Indian Film and Fashion Industry to encourage and help the marginalised “Other Half” of the rural Indian society. Feeling inspired, he said, “We at PVR Cinemas, are delighted to be associated with this gala event as their multiplex partner contributing humbly to be the responsible corporate citizen we have always endeavoured to be.” He further added "The educational centers run by MSW are a significant step towards the liberation of the society as is desired by all".

An humble Shabana Azmi expressed her feelings obligingly on PVR’s support, “My father always believed that India’s remarkable economic progress can only be meaningful if it reaches rural India, where 80% of the population lives, but is denied access to opportunity. His prophetic words have become my mantra in the work that I do with the weak and the dispossessed. When Kaifi Saheb embarked on the journey alone, Mijwan did not even figure on the map of India. Today Mijwan is known all over the world.”

MWS participation at World on a Platter - Empowered by Skill India on 17th-18th Feb 2018

On 17th and 18th Feb 2018, 25 girls from MWS participated in Delhi at Skill India’s World on a Platter expo held under the Ministry of Skill development in partnership with SWACA. They displayed their exquisite outfits and launched a new line of home linen. They conducted beauty workshops at the pavilion, displayed a range of agarbattis and a variety of home made pickles. The event was graced by the CM of Himachal Pradesh. It was matter of pride, when the trainer of the Kaifi Azmi Embroidery and Sewing Centre Sanjogita Prajapati was called on stage to address a gather. Her contribution to MWS was applauded by the dignitaries present.