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Teachers Training Workshop

Teachers Training Workshop on Water and Sustainability or Biodiversity and Sustainability under Earthian' and ParyavaranMitra Programme at Azamgarh, 30th August, 2018.

The EarthianParyavarnMitra Teachers Training Workshop was organized in KaifiAzmi Girls Inter College, Mijwan, Phoolpur, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradeshon 30thAugust, 2018. There were 43 participantsfrom around 30 schoolswho attended the workshop at Azamgarh District.

The objective of the workshops was to develop an understanding among teachers about environmental education and the concept of sustainable development, its curriculum linkage, components of 'Earthian' and ParyavaranMitra Programme and the role of schools and teachers in participating and implementing these programmes in their respective schools and communities.

The workshops began with an introduction and ice breaker session where the CEE team introduced themselves to the participants and also the Earthian programme. This was followed by an introduction cum ice breaker session where each participantmake a pair with unknown participant and then discuss about person. Each participant had introduced your partner.

Followed by the introduction was a session on sustainable development and Environment Education. The concept of sustainable development was discussed and explained giving examples from our day to day life and a few case studies. Environment education, EE in our curriculum, the infusion model, difference between education and awareness and project based learning were a few topics that were discussed.

This was followed by a session on Earthian programme on sustainability education, the concept, what it means, the programme, award cycle, documentation were discussed in detail. Prior to this, was a detailed discussion and quiz on understanding water- the availability, and key issues around it. Also the "dripping tap”and web of life activity was also conducted which worked out well. To give a better understanding of project based learning the last session of the workshop was dedicated to sharing of the ParyavaranMitra programme and the initiatives and projects taken up by the schools across India. Attended the workshop and spoke to the educators about sustainable development and the relevance of our Traditional ecological practices in today's scenario. He also motivated teachers to participate in the programme and not consider it as an extracurricular activity but as a part of the curriculum or another method of teaching.